Many of the best coders, developers and programmers have one problem: they do not know how to communicate well. Or they do not want to communicate. They know how to write code in the most complicated languages, but they do not communicate well with their peers, neighbors and colleagues, although they communicate well with their machine all the time (by typing, hacking, pointing, etc.). Either they do not speak the language well, they find it boring, or they do not like to waste time with talking. They rather sit with their headphones on and talk to their computer, which is of course what they are paid for. But this lack of communication is of course a problem, because every developer in a team (a developer works rarely alone) would like to know what the other team members are doing, have done and plan to do.

But there is indeed a way to bring developers to talk with each other: give them a program to communicate. Give them a chat program, and they can communicate by coding. Developers only really talk with each other if they can use an application for it. Luckily we have plenty of chat programs like Skype, Campfire, HipChat or Slack. If we need to exchange larger texts we can use email and wikis.

Likewise developers are always happy if their fellows show them what they have done, i.e. their code, their work, and how it works. Unfortunately they usually won’t do it. They only show their code to each other if they must, or if they can use an application for it, for example a version control system with a nice GUI like GitHub, GitLab or Gitorious. The pull requests from GitHub or merge requests from GitLab can be used for code reviews. Actually, this is one of the best features of GitHub, isn’t it?

Finally, developers only ask others for help if they can use an application for it, like Stackoverflow for instance. Maybe instead of forcing programmers to communicate in a language they do not like, it is better to give them an additional tool they like, an application. By using this application they can communicate by coding. Many of the most promising startup companies at time, like StackoverflowGitHub, or Slack are actually tools for coder to communicate with each other.

The network cable picture is from Flickr user tueksta