While classical music can be compared to the waterfall model – activities are organized into well planned sequential phases in meticulous detail – agile development is a lot like Jazz music. You need to improvise a lot, listen to each other and react fast to unexpected events. There is no clear plan in advance for everybody in the team and you basically make it up as you go.

What is important is that you work together as a team. To ensure good collaboration you usually have a lot of meetings. Planning meetings, review meetings, retrospective meetings and daily standup meetings where the team comes together and decides what to do.

Jazz Band in New Orleans

Many of these meetings are indeed like a Jazz music song that contains solo parts: everyone waits until it is his or her turn. First the backend developer starts to talk, than the frontend developer, followed by the tester, the product manager and the intern. Or first the data engineer and than the data scientist and than the rest. Just like a Jazz music song: first the trumpet plays a solo, than the clarinet, followed by the tuba etc.