I got a Google+ account this week (which can be found here) and I must say I like it. It’s cool. It’s fun. I like Google+ because I like Google and dislike Facebook. I dislike Facebook violently. Unlike Google, which has a developer friendly culture, Facebook tortures developers. It tortures the own developers, who are tormented by an everchanging code which is a mess on epic scale, and the developers who have to write apps for a constantly chaning API. Facebook is evil.

Google has noticed what Facebook overlooked. You probably have multiple circles of friends, and these friends belong to different areas: family, job, hobby, sports, etc. People are members in multiple groups, for example you are a member of your family, you might be an employee in a company, but also in other groups, like the Stanford Alumni Association or the parrot breeder group of Valley Springs in South Dakota, for example. Google+ gives users an easy way to organize their social contacts into different “circles” — friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. — with which they can share things: thoughts, links, photos, etc.

In Facebook, users receive information by everyone by default, and they broadcast their information to everyone by default. Facebook allows you only to have one circle of friends and one single identity, your physical identity characterized by your real name and your real photo. Since the identity forms the core of a person, it reduces you to one circle, to your mere physical appearance. At its core, Facebook is a dating site for immature teens. If you are not good looking or if you have no friends, then Facebook classifies you as a loser. It denies you to be what you want to be, but the declaration of independence says: “all Men are created equal, they are endowed [..] with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” It does not mention the right to have a Facebook profile.

Google+ is much better in every aspect. Right now it is the cutting edge of social networks. It makes Facebook look arrogant and awkward. Google shows how you can do it right. It produces great services and products because it has some of the best software developers of the world. And most of all, it shows that you can make money without being evil. Good work Google!