Facebook is evil. Even the NY Times has noticed it now. Facebook sells the privacy of users, and tortures developers. It should go away.

It abuses users

It lures users in, but does not let them out. Facebook makes it easy to join, but hard to quit. Although the number of accounts is a key topic in their advertising, it is impossible to delete your account. Users who do not want to use Facebook anymore should be able to DELETE their account at any time. The only way to get rid of your Facebook account is to manually remove ALL content and then deactivate it. This is annoying. Facebook claims to own personal data which does not belong to them.

It makes money by selling your privacy

All Facebook has is the private data of users. As a company it must make money from the information it gathers, which means selling your identity and privacy to anyone who wants to buy it: advertisers and government agencies. Mark Zuckerberg officially announced that the age of privacy is over. Any questions? When you give a private, for-profit company access to all your personal details, you shouldn’t be surprised when it turns out that they’re using them to make profit.

It tortures developers

Writing applications for Facebook is a nightmare. It is hard enough to write applications for the web, Facebook applications are even worse because they are constrained to a small page inside the page and special FBJS Facebook Javascript. Facebook apps are impossible to debug. I have worked on Facebook applications myself, they are horrible to write. The platform is not stable, the API changes frequently and is not well documented. Frequent redesigns frustrate many developers. Developers hate to write facebook applications, and they hate to use Facebook Connect.

It is a horrible place for developers themselves. Writing code for a site with million of users is hard, especially if it is written in unstructured PHP. The code of Facebook is largely written in PHP, and it must be a mess. The development of new code must be mental torture, and the deployment of the code a misery. The startup has over 300 developers now. The large number of developers is a sign that the developers have to face insurmountable obstacles. Among 300 developers, a single one is dispensable. No developer wants to feel dispensable while working on insurmountable obstacles.

( The Flickr photo is from Flickr user Balakov )