Programming can be fun. There are a lot of things you can do, and there are a lot of things you can find out if you are curious, open-minded and patient enough. Therefore curiosity, endurance and patience certainly belong to every good programmer. Some habits and rules can make you a better programmer, for example the habits to keep it simple, to avoid technical debt and to use meaningful names, the practice to clean up and test code before check-in, the my-code-could-be-better attitude etc. What is the best programmer habbit that makes a good programmer even better? Please leave your comments.

A preliminary list:

  • Being curious is probably the most important habit. It is important to find bugs, and it is indispensable to learn new things, techniques and tools. You should be always willing and able to learn, be interested in new technologies, and never stop learning.
  • The KISS principle: Keep it simple and stupid. Often it is helpful if you don’t think too complicated. Do The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work.
  • The practice to avoid not-quite-right code, to avoid technical debt. Activities that might be postponed include documentation and writing tests.
  • The habit to improve your code constantly. If you have a my-code-could-be-better attitude, you will always try to improve it. The practice to test and clean up code before check-in leads to clean software.