A software developer wants to work on something interesting, exciting, and important. He likes to work on cutting-edge stuff. He would like to create a world with only a 4 lines of code or build a universe with a single keystroke. The ultimate dream of a software developer (beside world domination) is independence: to earn so much money that you can do what you want. For example living on a sunny island writing only 4 lines of code a day (which are so brilliant and awesome that everybody else is nearly blinded), or owning a Sunseeker Yacht, which embodies speed, success and independence. Well, of course everybody would like to own a yacht, a villa and a luxury car. Unfortunately, not every software developer is automatically as rich as Bill Gates and Paul Allen. For the very rich, a big boat is the real sign of wealth, for example the Octopus, a cross breeding between a small aircraft carrier and an atomic double-hulled icebreaker, the megayacht of Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen. At 125 meters it is the biggest private vessel in the world, of course with landing pad for helicopters. It has a permanent crew of 60 people, contains a theater/cinema and a basketball court, two helicopters, an 18 meter landing craft and a private 10-person submarine. Well, I do not even own a canoe ;-)